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Call to Action! Employers understand the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but House Bill 2957 is not right for Washington

What is House Bill 2957 A Washington Supreme Court ruling in January found the state Department of Ecology did not have the authority to regulate indirect air emissions, but the Legislature could grant them that authority. House Bill 2957 is the Legislature’s response to that ruling. Rather than restricting the Department of Ecology’s authority to…

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Legislative Update – Feb 2

Weekly Legislative ReportFebruary 2, 2020 WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS Since the start of session on January 13, 1,717 new bills have been introduced in the Washington State Legislature, making for a grand total of 4,198 bills this biennium. With six weeks left, February 7 is the last opportunity for a bill to exit policy committees in its…

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Week 1 Legislative Update

Welcome Back Washington State’s 66th Biennium resumed this week in Olympia. Washington’s legislative cycle is two years long, with the sessions lasting 105 days in odd-numbered years and 60 days in even. 2020 is therefore a short session expected to end March 12. New Speaker, New House History was further made on Monday as Rep.…

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2020 Legislative Session Begins

Monday, January 13 marks the first day of the 2020 Legislative Session, which looks to be a short, 60 day session that will end on time. The big issues legislators expect to tackle include: Homelessness — the Governor’s budget proposed a $318 million spending increase in this arena Transportation — Legislators must look at how…

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