About the FME Chamber

The Fife Milton Edgewood (FME) Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization of professionals and business owners. That is to say, we believe in the importance of developing meaningful relationships and partnerships. There is a wonderful synergy in the FME chamber. FME chamber members come together to support one another. All things considered, members benefit from the relationships they develop with regional civic and business leaders.

Above all, our chamber's focus is to:

  • Connect member businesses and citizens
  • Promote the Fife, Milton & Edgewood communities
  • Spearhead a vibrant and prosperous local economy
  • Represent member businesses to local & state government representatives

Members are given the opportunity to network with one another through various sponsored chamber events, such as:

  • Open House/Ribbon-cuttings/Re-Opening Ceremonies when businesseas open their doors
  • C3 (Chamber Connections Cohort) every Tuesday 8-9 am. (Virtual during Covid.)
  • Monthly luncheons – second Wednesday of the month (Suspended due to Covid.)

Business Advocacy

The Chamber also focuses efforts on powerful advocacy. The voice of business is heard because the Chamber works with elected and appointed officials. We unquestionably help to promote policies that make the Fife, Milton & Edgewood area a desirable place to live, work and visit.

The FME Chamber endeavors to:

  • Initiate programs to improve Chamber members’ bottom line
  • Sponsor candidate and issue forums, discussion groups, and legislative updates in order to keep members informed.
  • Build strategic alliances with other business and economic development organizations and government officials
  • Represent member businesses on issues such as transportation, education, workforce and economic development
  • Fight to reduce regulations when we represent the business community on city, county and state issues

Regionally the chamber represents its members by active involvement in governmental affairs. One way members are represented is through participation in the South Sound Chamber of Commerce Legislative Coalition (SSCCLC). For example, the SSCCLC is involved in such issues as roadway/traffic improvement, legislative actions, etc.

Visitors Information Center

The Chamber is also responsible for staffing the vital Visitors Information Center (VIC). The VIC is the hub of activity for visitors to the region and provides information and materials to visitors and those new to the area. While it may be overlooked, the Chamber understands visitors play the critical role in the local economy. Therefore, members are encouraged to leave businesses cards and flyers at the VIC.

Directory & Community Resource Guide 


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The FME Chamber exists to be the CATALYST for business growth,

The CONVENER of Leaders & Influencers,

And the CHAMPION for a stronger community.



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