South Sound Business Summit

May 3, 2021 – May 7, 2021
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Created in 2015, The South Sound Business Summit’s purpose is to support the South Puget Sound’s (South King, Pierce and Thurston County) businesses through an educational event that inspires and connects the community.


We believe that the local business community needs a place to learn from other business owner’s success and failures, marketing techniques and other ways to grow and expand your business.  We do this to give back, not to make a profit, so that everyone can succeed in business.


Business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their business, employees and profitability. Businesses with large or small revenue should attend; the topics help all businesses regardless of size.


Valarie Harris Owner/Creative Designer, Varris Marketing Group

7 Content Creation Hacks- For your website and social media Business owners are busy working on their business. When you start working on your social media that number 1 thing experts hear is “how do I make content?” Valarie Harris of Varris Marketing is a local social media expert and will help you with this question as well as how to make your social media pop during this time where everything is online. 

Paul T Long Senior Vice President, Business Banking & SBA Lending Timberland Bank

The Government is Sitting on Millions-Where to get grants and loans during this crazy time In this interview by Brian Harding, Owner of Successful Concepts Consulting, Paul Long of Timberland Bank will share with you the secret funds that are available through Local, State and National entities as well as some lending programs that are aimed to help businesses.   

Doug Hudak Owner & Designer, BAM Design

DISTANCE THIS!- Social Distancing Marketing Strategies COVID 19 has given some business more time to work ON their business. During this interview, Doug will talk about some of the ways that you can update your business image, creative ways to prospect and market your business.

Michael Brouillette Owner & Therapist, Balanced Counseling and Hypnosis Center

Surviving the Pandemic:  Overcoming COVID’s Mental Impact on Your Business  “I can’t take it anymore” is a saying that you and your employees have said a few times over the last year. Michael Brouillette, a local Therapist will give you some tips on how to take care of mental health using specific techniques to keep you and your employees’ minds sharp which can help your business bottom line.

Jillian Flodstrom Small Business Strategist |  Speaker  |  Entrepreneur

10x Your Productivity in Three Days or Less Discover the three things multiple seven figure entrepreneur Jillian Flodstrom teaches her clients to 10x their productivity and impact in a digital, work-from-home environment.