Port of Tacoma Virtual Tour

Prior to Covid, the Port of Tacoma offered both bus and boat tours to educate the community about the port. They invited the public to hop on a bus or a boat to learn about port through these visits. Bus tours were monthly and the boat tour was once a year.

port of tacoma tour

I attended both the bus and boat tours last year and loved them. It was fascinating to hear about all that goes into port operations. My family had planned to have my in-laws join us on a tour this year when they were up from Arizona because we wanted to do the tour again.

But alas, Covid stopped their travels this year. And it also put the port bus and boat tours on hold. However, the port has created a tour to make a virtual visit possible.

Leslie, at the Port of Tacoma, sent me the following information in an email. I’ve forwarded it on to my father-in-law, so he can still tour the port this year.

Port launches digital tour amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

The Port of Tacoma is offering a new virtual tour to the public amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors to the virtual tour will be able to go on a journey exploring 22 sites within the Port’s facility on the Tacoma Tideflats, including Port-owned properties, habitat restoration areas, and several businesses located in the area.

“The Port is trying new ways to connect with Pierce County residents,” said Port of Tacoma Commission President John McCarthy. “With no clear idea of when we can get back to meeting in-person again, online platforms are a great way for us to continue to engage with and build community during this time.” 

Prior to the pandemic, the Port hosted monthly bus tours of its facilities, in addition to small group tours and an annual boat tour, all open to the public. In 2019, more than 2,500 people participated in these increasingly popular tour opportunities.

The virtual tour will transport visitors around the Port through the use of an interactive map, photos, videos and text, to tell the story of the Port’s continued focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible growth and ongoing commitment to being an economic engine for all of Pierce County.

“At a time when we are unable to be together in person, the virtual tour is great way for the community to connect with us and better understand what the Port does, while having fun in the process. I hope that this forum delivers on all of these goals,” said Leslie Barstow, Port of Tacoma Community Relations Manager.

The virtual tour can be found on the Port’s website: www.portoftacoma.com/port-tacoma-virtual-tour.