Pierce Transit Destination 2040 Long Range Plan Update

Pierce County, along with our region as a whole, is growing rapidly. At the RAMP meeting this month, there was a statistic that floored me. In our 4 county Puget Sound region, in 2019, our population grew 68,470 over the previous year. Divide that by 365 and we had an increase of 188 new residents each day! I knew we were growing, but those numbers shocked me. Maybe it isn’t just my imagination telling me that there are more cars on the road…

This impacts you as a business and a member of the community and Pierce Transit recognizes that. Are you happy with the options Pierce Transit provides for your needs? Do you wish there was a way to tell them how a stop near your office or work space would help with your ability to hire enough workers?

They are accepting public comments and here is an easy way for you to reach them. I believe that this is accessible through April 10.