Impact WA Announces Aid for Manufacturers

Without a doubt, the Chamber is happy to share more relief that Impact Washington is sharing with our manufacturing businesses. They’ve previously informed us of grants that were available to manufacturers. They’ve helped us understand how broadly the definition of manufacturer can be.

And now, Impact Washington Announces Availability Of $1.2M In CARES Act Funds To Aid Washington Based Manufacturers Impacted By Coronavirus Pandemic.

Together with Impact Washington, manufacturers walk through a no-cost Recovery Assessment to help determine a recovery plan that prioritizes the needs for the business.

For example, project funding through CARES Act Recovery Assistance could include:

  • Production ramp-up/automation assessment and solutions
  • Supply optimization/disruption planning
  • Adjustments in plant design or workforce methods and approaches
  • Onboarding and upskilling new and returning employees
  • Risk mitigation in the face of added stress: cybersecurity vulnerability, business continuity planning, change management

On the positive side, no formal application process exists for the recovery assistance funds. Manufacturers simply need to reach out to Impact Washington to begin the no-cost business assessment. Then Impact Washington will go through the possible needs that a business might have. To this end, they even have examples of how they’ve determined unrecognized needs. After needs are discovered and identified, Impact WA writes the grant proposal. And in the long run, working with Impact WA is a winning proposition.