Good Neighbor Fund

Mountain View Community Center has always been a good neighbor to the Fife, Milton and Edgewood communities. Honestly, those beyond those borders find them to be good neighbors too! They are proving that once again amid this pandemic.

Though, just like the rest of us, they are not running business as normal, they continue to provide hope and support for our community. Their Good Neighbor Fund will provide funds to neighbors directly impacted by Corona.

If you know someone who needs help with essential needs (housing, utilities, food, childcare, or healthcare), MVCC’s Good Neighbor Fund could help. Specifically, individuals and families who need emergency relief for $500 or less can receive help with essential needs.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Resident of Fife, Milton, of Edgewood.
  • Temporarily residing in a motel in Fife, Milton, or Edgewood.
  • Family of a student that attends school in Edgewood or the Fife School district, even if they don’t live in Fife, Milton, or Edgewood.
  • Applicant was nominated by an individual or organization.
  • Applicant has not already received funding within a 12-month period of the request.