Expand Your Social Media Reach

You know that one of the benefits of being a chamber member is that we help promote your business. Sometimes that is through word of mouth, sometimes it is through networking events, sometimes it’s through sponsorship or speaking opportunities.

Did you know that it might also be through social media? If you are posting anyway, feel free to send a link to Kara and ask her to share it through the chamber’s Facebook page. Because we have a different audience than you do, and because of the algorithms that FB uses to determine who sees your posts, if we share your post, your reach will go farther than if you just post it yourself.

This is a benefit that is included with all membership levels, so ask away! Do keep in mind though, that the chamber has to approve of all content before sharing. We won’t share posts that might be considered offensive, or that could foreseeably have a negative affect on another member.

This is one more way your chamber is bringing you value. Take advantage of this opportunity and let FME Chamber help you to promote your business!