Biden Defeats Trump

By now, after a long election week, you’ve heard that Biden defeats Trump in the Presidential election. While many races have not been decided, economists are already making predictions about what that will mean for businesses and our ecomony.

What will the impacts be on businesses since Biden defeats Trump? Other key races will shape the predictions. Much of what happens will be dependent on the final make-up of the Senate, but here are some things economist think we can expect, including:

Biden Defeats Trump
  • Increase in Covid funding
  • Likelihood of more stimulus reaching American pockets
  • Lowered chance of new business regulations
  • Expansion of the Affordable Care Act
  • Continued conflict over debt and spending

This subject is complicated. In fact, some people dedicate their full time jobs to understanding it and making informed predictions. Take a look at a few of the sites that the chamber visited in reviewing the predictions for the impacts on the business world.