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Why did Moose Canyon join the Chamber?

After their ribbon cutting last week, Dawn sent me an email that made me smile. We did a Facebook Live post and encouraged our member community to join us. Here’s some of what Dawne said. Hi Kara, Now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to email to let you know how much…

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Why is Deborah Olive, Business Coach, a FME Chamber Member?

Deborah Olive, is one of our members who is actively involved in our chamber and in this video, she tells us some of the reasons why her membership works for her. “…it’s the networking and this is a very welcoming group. There’s this real sense of connection…” “A part of my interest is having good…

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Creative24 talks about the chamber and the community.

“If I don’t know anybody but I need to get my business going, I have to join the chamber right away.” “What I’ve discovered with the chamber, having been a member, for almost a year, roughly, is that the quality of the people who make up the chamber is just awesome…”

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