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Economic Development

Changes Made to Washington’s Overtime Rules

Published 1/16/20. Updated 7/1/20 As of today (July 1, 2020) new overtime rules go into effect for exempt employees in Washington. While most salaried workers in our state will not be affected this year, employers should review the recent changes for workers who could be classified as administrative, executive, or professional. In September, we encouraged…

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Phase 2 – Whoo Hoo!

Pierce County applied to be approved for Phase 2 on Tuesday and the Governor approved it today! There are, of course, restrictions and we are far from where we were at the beginning of March, but this feels like a step towards recovery! Businesses and community members are still encouraged to continue with safety practices…

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Updates on PPP from US Chamber

If you missed our Zoom call today, Chris Eyler from the US Chamber was a guest speaker and he shared with us some of what he hears, knows, and expects about changes coming to the the Payroll Protection Program (PPP.) He also wanted to stress the US Chamber‘s priorities to businesses for Phase Four. After…

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

As more businesses are starting to see PPP fund distribution into their accounts, they are wondering how to apply for the conversion of the loan into a grant. The SBA, in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, released the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Application and detailed instructions for the application. The documents…

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PPP Update: Banks Resume Processing PPP

April 27, 2020: As you may know, the Coronavirus relief expansion bill passed last week. As of 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time today, banks resume PPP application processing. If you are still looking for a PPP lender, here is a complete list by state of PPP lenders from the last round of funding, provided by the…

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Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grants

Update April 24, 2020: The amount of money available for this grant has been expanded to $10M. However applications are closed. Pierce county alone received over 4000 applications. Word is that Pierce County businesses who applied will be notified if their applications have or have not been forwarded to the state. On April 7, Gov.…

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Laid Off?

Unemployment has seen a massive spike with Covid-19, but efforts at relief are making it a little less painful. The CARES Act provides businesses with an incentive to retain employees through the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and Unemployment Insurance is now often said to be on steroids. Those employees who qualify for unemployment (and that…

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With the $2.2 trillion stimulus package signed today, there is tremendous relief available for small businesses, who are struggling to keep their employees on payroll. Congress has approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. It allocates $350 billion in emergency loans for small businesses to help them keep workers employed. In fact,…

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Consolidated Corona Info

Who else is feeling a true sense of information overload? I’ve spent more time watching the news in the last couple weeks than I could have imagined. On a conference call today, I was directed to a comprehensive website that consolidates information and is regularly updated. The webpage is pretty easy to navigate with the…

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