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C3 – Learn about the Trucking Industry

Last week, I’d had a long day. I was tired, wanted to get home, but still needed to stop to grab milk on my way home. I was behind a semi on I-5 and while I was cursing that I was driving slower than I wanted, I noticed the bumper sticker. “If you don’t like trucks, stop going to the grocery store.” Hmmm.

For our March C3 meeting, Brandon Beetham from the Washington Trucking Association will be joining us.  

Did you know that 1 in 20 jobs in Washington are related to trucking?  That’s a lot of employment!  Brandon will be sharing with us how the trucking industry affects our community, in ways we often take for granted.  Bring your questions because Brandon can speak to the following topics that I know are of concern to our members!

  • Significance of industry
  • Projected growth of freight, and freight by truck
  • Driver shortage
  • Congestion – time spent idling in traffic –Washington has ranked among the top worst bottlenecks for many years running – translates to economic costs and driver wellness and job satisfaction
  • Truck Parking – how ELD’s have contributed to the need – Washington is the top most trade dependent state in the nation, yet we are 44th in the nation for availability of truck parking
  • Carbon Policy/LCFS and why we disagree with it (cost, fairness, lack of alternatives) and the results in CA show only a 1% reduction in carbon in 10 years – costly, not effective.
  • Power Revolution – the low or carbon free future of trucking looks bright for many segments of the industry, it will take time as these vehicles are not yet in mass production nor do we have the infrastructure to support.
  • And More!

Please join us!

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  1. Kara Jovag on March 3, 2020 at 11:32 pm

    Today’s C3 meeting was fascinating. Here are a few of the things we learned:
    *The annual time spent in traffic in the Seattle area is 138 hours per year. (and that is longer than you’d spend if you lived in LA or NY. That’s worth complaining about, but…
    *The Commercial Truck sector lost $27 billion as a result of highway delays. (That’s a lot more than my costs!)
    *In the next 5 years, there is an anticipated shortage of 100,000 drivers and will also need mechanics, dispatchers, and more.
    *Without trucks, there would be a shortage of perishable goods in 3 days, drinking water within 2-4 weeks, at cash at the ATM machines within 2-3 days.
    *WTA works with the community on issues that go well beyond the trucking industry: there is someone in Olympia right now during the legislative session discussing the impacts of a potential ban on independent contractors (not just truckers) and they actively work on a program that supports the prevention of human trafficing in the PNW.

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