Federal Vaccine Mandate

Do you have questions about the Federal Vaccine Mandate that goes into effect in January for businesses with 100+ employees? You are not alone!

Questions abound. A few examples include:

  • Who counts in that 100 employee number? FTE only or part time employees too? (It’s both.)
  • What if the business is a franchise?
  • What about contractors?
  • Help understanding the written policy employers must have on vaccination.
  • How to determine/verify vaccination status
  • What if an employee lies?  What liabilities does the business incur?
  • Clarification of sick leave requirements for time off with vaccine side effects
  • Testing requirements for unvaccinated workers
  • What information must an employer provide to their employees?  And how often?
  • What are reporting requirements if an employee tests positive, is hospitalized, and or dies from Covid?

OSHA has a webpage that addresses these concerns and many others as they relate to the Emergency Temporary Standards.