2022 WA State Legislature Sine Die Report

The 2022 Legislature came to a close last week. A few interesting things to note:

HB 1099 – which added climate change to the list of items that must be addressed in the Growth Management Act plans DIED on the House floor. The conference committee amendment had a scope challenge in the Senate which delayed it passing that body and then the House Rs were geared up for a battle on their side so D leadership opted to not bring the bill up because they were worried it would impact their ability to sine die on Time.

The budget that passed is historic in many ways – particularly its total of $64.1 billion. This budget and the Capital budget put significant investments into housing. $345 million additional for educational enrollment stabilization and a COLA increase for teachers and state employees were also included in the budget. Small businesses will see an increase in the B&O credits with the passage of SB 5980. In addition, additional relief passed for small businesses in UI relief. Hospitality businesses will also see assistance. No major property tax or sales tax relief bills passed. Here is a link to all of the various summaries and documents for the OPERATING budget and the CAPITAL budget.

Both the supplemental Transportation Budget and the Move Ahead Washington Package passed last night. Below are links to information for both — including project lists. $2 billion was moved out of the state operating funds for this project. No bonding is necessary. It is a $17 billion/16 year project that will fully fund the Gateway Project in addition to additional funding that will benefit the South Sound Region. They did not rely on the 6 cent export fuel tax and instead moved money out of the public works account to fill gaps.

Attached is our bill report so you can see where bills we were tracking ended up.